My first project for Clever Fox Press

My very first project done for my one of the favourite publishing house Clever Fox Press 🦊 ❤️🎨 Good Bye, Emma The book helps children relate to the hardships, both physical and emotional, of children fleeing war and torture and tells the story of a boy refugee who is forced to leave behind his pet when his family flees the country. This book is based on a true story as once upon a time two children had to leave their country because they were refugees. The author was one of these children. The children could not take their dog with them. Their dog was called Emma. Emma lived for many years more and died an old dog back in the country the two children no longer could call home. They always loved Emma. And Emma loved them.

Proceeds from the sale of 'Goodbye, Emma' as well as the first hundred copies of the book are being donated to various refugee centres around the world.

Recently the book had been translated into Russian language! 


Radio Cat: Tommy the Learned Cat Goes to BBC

In this post I want to tell you about one of the biggest project in my career , children’s book “BBC Radio Cat”. This is collaboration with “Clever Fox Press” for the BBC Radio Station’s 95th birthday anniversary! The protagonist – Tommy – is travelling in the old and new BBC Radio station and tells the children about its history from the beginning till the nowadays!
Your Children will definitely enjoy this adventure and will find out a lot of interesting things about the BBC Radio Station! Here is the repost from the about the project: “Good afternoon! it's Monday 20th of March 2017, one o'clock in the afternoon, and this is the news at the top of the hour from our news cat Mog Mittens…” That’s how Tommy the Learned Cat starts his afternoon show on BBC Radio! Lots of important topics in the feline world are discussed on Tommy's show:

from the latest news in politics (the Feline Society is debating the response to the Canine Society which accused the cats of being responsible for the extinction of 33 different species),

to the world of science (did you know that scientists proved recently that every single domesticated cat can be traced back to one of the five Аfrican wild cats?),

to the world of sports (Nānākuli, the one-Eyed Rescue Cat in Hawaii, became the first feline surfer recorded in the history of feline-kind).

And while listeners are enjoying the lovely miaow mixing of music featuring titles that clawed their way to the top 10 in the charts, Tommy tells his little readers about the history of radio and the British Broadcasting Company. BBC began gathering families around bulky old radio sets in 1922, back in the day when television and internet were still non-existing terms. From Children’s Hour, the first children’s program aired on BBC radio, to CBeebies, the modern day’s weekly broadcast, Tommy tells how children were always an important part of BBC radio’s audience.

And for those little readers interested in technology, Tommy offers a tour around the studio and explains what the varies microphones, displays, mixers, monitors and speakers are used for.

Join Tommy, our Radio Cat , in his BBC radio studio, to celebrate 95 years since BBC’s first broadcast on 14th of November 1922.

‘Radio Cat: Tommy the Learned Cat goes to BBC’ is out and available on Amazon sites worldwide. This book is a special gift to BBC Coventry & Warwickshire. The first 10 copies will be presented to our BBC Local Radio service serving the county of Warwickshire (94.8, 103.7 and 104 MHz FM) on BBC's 95th birthday.

Radio Cat