My Name is Lizzy Adams


My Name is Lizzy Adams

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Maria Coker had not been seen at Louise Taylor Private Boarding School for three days. Everyone assumed she was at home with her parents. Maria’s disappearance has sent shock waves through the school. Nothing like this has ever happened before. 

Everyone at school as well as Maria's parents are clueless as to her whereabouts, but not Lizzy and her best-friend Ify. 

Join Lizzy and Ify on their quest to unravel the mystery surrounding Maria’s disappearance. What starts out as a simple mystery however, leaves them shocked to the core.

My name is ‘Lizzy Adams’ is a compelling story of true friendship, love, betrayal, sacrifice and above all bravery of a girl who chose to stand out even in a strange land. 

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About Ibitola Ojoye-Adebayo

Ibitola Ojoye-Adebayo is a UK-based International multi-award winning author, podcaster, host and creator of The Insight of an Author Show and the creator of the 'Lizzy Adams Brand'. Ibitola is a graduate of the University of Portsmouth with a BSc in Pharmacology. Her genre of writing is Contemporary Romance with a twist, which is a portal into her mind and soul. Sparked with a passion for gothic horror, mystery and romance novels; her top writing influences include Virginia Andrews and Stephen King.

Ibitola's best-selling books which are a series of fictional stories called 'Acceptance' and then the sequel, 'Acceptance: into darkness' brought her to limelight in 2014. The Acceptance series is a powerful testimony of Love, Loss and Betrayal. The book speaks of a mother and daughter's non-existent relationship, it speaks of how a loving marriage can go horribly wrong, it speaks to us of how the act of war can damage one's soul, and it speaks of the reason why people migrate through no fault of their own. An average woman can relate to the main character of the book and see a part of herself in her and realize that she is a normal person who is capable of making mistakes, and overcoming the consequences of those mistakes, yet finding ultimate fulfilment at the end of the road.
Ibitola Ojoye-Adebayo is committed to inspiring people because she started her journey alone and she came across many rejections as well. But eventually she came across someone who believed in her and her dreams. As part of her commitment to ensuring authors and lovers of books interact, benefit and get thoroughly inspired by the stories they all share and the passion they all have, she created a show called, 'The Insight of an Author Show'. The show which she also hosts, is a platform where up-coming as well as established authors gather some helpful nuggets that they could apply to their lives as writers or authors. Guests on the show share real life experiences, the best and worst of circumstances on their publishing journeys. This has therefore led countless young people all over the world especially in Nigeria her way; especially young girls requesting her mentorship and guidance as it relates with their writing interests and their dreams of becoming successful authors. 
Ibitola's fan base has doubled considerably within a very short period of time. She campaigns strongly for the girl-child and one of the best ways in which she is able to do this is through her stories. This ambition consequently birthed of her up-coming book, 'MY NAME IS LIZZY ADAMS' which is the introductory part of the Lizzy Adams Boarding Mysteries series; a young adult fictional novel which is due to be launched December 2016. This new book also gave birth to her new initiative 'THE LIZZY ADAMS Brand'.

Ibitola wants to change mind-sets that have long-prevented girls from pursuing their dreams. Her aim is for the girl-child to reach their full potential and live their best life story. Her 'Lizzy Adams' platform aims to empower the girl-child by directing them through the path that would empower and inspire them to becoming the very best at their chosen career paths.

Older women see her as an inspiration someone who inspires them to become a strong woman that approaches life with confidence. While young girls see her as role model, someone they can look up to, who creates time to show them the way to also be successful in whatever they set their minds on.

Won 'The Author of the Year Award' at the Divas of Colour Awards UK 2015. 
Nominated for 'Author of the Year' at the Women 4 Africa Awards 2015
Received a recognition award at BEFFTA Awards 2015
Won 'Author of the Year' at the C-HUB Creativity Awards 2015
Won 'Author of the Year' at the African Women Rock Awards UK 2015

Won 'Diaspora Writer of the Year' Award at the Nigerian Writers Awards 2016
Won 'Most Outstanding Author of the year' Award at The Highflyer Entrepreneurs Online Award 2016
Won 'Best Author 2016' award -BEFFTA AWARDS 2016

Facebook : ibitola Ojoye-Adebayo
Instagram: @ibioadebayoofficial
Twitter: @ibi_o_adebayo